Tinnitus Causes and Tinnitus Treatment: Welcome



Many tinnitus sufferers have been told by their doctors: “Sorry, you’ll just have to live with the noise,” or, “There’s nothing we can do for the ringing in your ears,” or “It’s just one of those things that happens. I’ll give you a prescription for a tranquilizer until you get used to it.”


Such statements are neither accurate or helpful.  Any doctor, audiologist, or other health-care professional who makes such statements is simply unaware of what’s available today. A great deal can be done to relieve your suffering, and it’s my intention  for you to become aware of your options. You have many! So relax, my new friend. Help has arrived. As you will soon discover, I have extensive training, knowledge, and first-hand experience with tinnitus and hyperacusis.

I know exactly what I’m talking and writing about.

You soon will too.

My purpose with this blog is to provide genuinely useful information to anyone who suffers from either of these frustrating  conditions. The section called “Blog Posts” contains individual articles and suggestions which cover many aspects of tinnitus. This  includes  causes, effects, and documented solutions. Because of their frequent association, hyperacusis is discussed in conjunction with tinnitus, as well as on it own.

I invite questions and comments, including your personal experiences with tinnitus and/or hyperacusis.

There are many causes of tinnitus. There are many tinnitus treatments. Tinnitus treatment is often unavailable or unreliable. Ringing in the ears is very distressing for millions of tinnitus sufferers. The same is true for victims of hyperacusis, or sensitive ears. You will find reliable information on this blog site, to help you understand tinnitus causes and tinnitus treatment.

Spam advertising is not permitted on this blog or within the “comments” section. This includes  attempted promotion of undocumented remedies or so-called “miracle” cures.

Charles Smithdeal, MD, FACS (ret) Former Tinnitus Sufferer Former Hyperacusis Sufferer Otology and Otologic Surgery (ret) Certified, American Board of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery(ret) Specialist, Anxiety Relief Techniques® (ART)

17 Responses to “Tinnitus Causes and Tinnitus Treatment: Welcome”

  1. Dear Dr,
    Being a severe Tinnitus & hyperaucasis sufferer, I have purchased your product online and trying to understand it. Six months back, I also purchased Paul Tobey’s product which is also effective.

    Before making any comments on your product, surely I want to practice that as well since I have an open mind for a long lasting solution.

    In 1992, I had faced a severe blasting injury in my ear which cased high frequency loss in my left ear and some minor frequency loss in right ear. Immediately after the incident, both my ears started ringing. Just after one week, I also noticed hyperaucasis which forced me to stay at home next six months except to meet doctors (out of them major portions were ENT specialists) for the next consequence. I don’t want to describe the situation (living hell) more as somehow I got a miracle cure because of my subconscious belief system that time which I understand 20 years later!!!

    That time I was a 20 year old young man. Now my age crossed double of that figure.
    Last 3 years, I was again suffering the same situation (more severe Tinnitus, but much less hyperaucasis than that time). Initially I got severely depressed three years back because of Internet as I first came to know about the negative side of this suffering, but three years later I also finding hope because of the same Internet Technology. Now I am trying to attract positive side of this situation which is defined as “wake up call” by Paul Tobey who was a famous Tinnitus sufferer and now a successful musician.

    I am also dreaming to make my life many times better than the time before I had Tinnitus! I understood that that’s the only way to proceed. Life is all about Journey, not destination.


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