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Acoustic Shock or Acoustic Trauma?

Acoustic trauma and Acoustic Shock are separate and distinct conditions resulting from exposure to loud sounds. Acoustic trauma (AT) is a physical injury to the hearing mechanism of the inner ear. AT results from exposure to sounds loud enough to cause physical damage to delicate structures within the cochlea. AT may follow a single exposure…

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Hyperacusis and Tinnitus: Silence Is Not Always Golden

For individuals with a decreased tolerance for sound, the auditory system actually becomes more sensitive to external sounds—that is, it “strains” to hear sound until it perceives any sound as louder than it seems to others. When this situation recurs often or becomes chronic, it’s called hyperacusis. Our perception of the loudness of sound depends…

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Hyperacusis, Misopohonia, or Noisy Neighbors?

Does it annoy you to hear someone chew their food, slurp a soda through a straw, or chomp noisily on ice once the soda is finished? UP to 40% of adults who suffer anxiety from tinnitus also had a prior condition called misophonia. Misophonia–which means a dislike of specific sounds–is also called Selective Sound Sensitivity…

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What Is Tinnitus and What Can Be Done For It?

If you suffer from tinnitus, your first question probably is, “Can anything be done about this ringing in the ears?” The answer is YES! A great deal can be done to help. But first you need to understand what it is. Tinnitus is a phantom auditory perception. That is, a sound heard inside your ears…

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Tinnitus, Insulin Resistance, and Diabetes

In an earlier post–Fullness in the Ears, Tinnitus, and Hearing Loss–I discussed Endolymphatic Hydrops (EH) and substance sensitivities. I pointed out that sensitivity to wheat often results in increased fluid and pressure within the enclosed inner-ear structures. This increased pressure can produce symptoms of tinnitus, nerve-type hearing loss, and vertigo. Sensitivity to substances other than…

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Tinnitus: Where Should I Begin?

If you experience ringing in the ears, you may very well ask, “Can I get rid of this noise once and for all?” In the best of situations, the noise of tinnitus will go away completely. In others, you can reduce the intensity of the sound AND train your brain to largely ignore it. To…

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