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Acoustic Trauma

Acoustic Shock or Acoustic Trauma?

Acoustic trauma and Acoustic Shock are separate and distinct conditions resulting from exposure to loud sounds. Acoustic trauma (AT) is a physical injury to the hearing mechanism of the inner ear. AT results from exposure to sounds loud enough to cause physical damage to delicate structures within the cochlea. AT may follow a single exposure…

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Tinnitus and Dental Issues

The following article from Quiet Times was written by my friend and fellow tinnitus expert, Barry Keate. Thank you, Barry. I will reserve comment until near the end of this post. “Dental Issues and Tinnitus By Barry Keate There appears to be a correlation between certain dental procedures and tinnitus. Dental work has the ability…

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Tinnitus Tips For Relief

Although there are a many health conditions that can cause or worsen tinnitus, many times there is no known cause. Often finding a cure can be equally frustrating. Luckily, there are techniques that can bring some relief to people who suffer with this condition. Use the methods outlined in this article to find an approach…

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Tinnitus and Fear

Millions of adults worldwide experience tinnitus. Of these, approximately 25% suffer greatly from it. Why? Or just as importantly, how do 75% of the people with tinnitus not suffer from it? How can one person seem to simply ignore the noise inside his or her head, while another finds it nearly impossible to carry on…

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Tinnitus and Acoustic Trauma

It is very distressing to experience a sudden onset of ringing in the ears. This condition is known as tinnitus. The noise of tinnitus may include ringing, screeching, buzzing, chirping, a hissing sound like steam escaping, or similar to the humming sound from high tension power lines. While the sounds of tinnitus appear to be…

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